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for all the imperfect mothers

for all the imperfect mothers

She's that mom...

The one that is having a hard day because her two-year-old threw a bowl of cereal at her while the three-year-old has run out of underwear because of too many accidents. You can find her with her head buried in the pantry cupboard, that's where her chocolate stash is. Did I mention it's only 7am?

You know her...

The one that is saying to herself, "Just breathe, be patient with him, just breathe," and then in an instant she snaps and both children are looking at her like they just saw her eyeballs pop out of her head.

Maybe you've seen her...

She looks really nice tonight. You assume she is a better mother than you. She always has a smile and is always bubbly. Little do you know it has been a really hard day... She just looks great because she's happy to get out of the house and talk to "big people."

It's no secret, I'm that imperfect mother. And there's more, my tired mother brain can't keep track of all the days I really stink at being a mom. But I know I need help. I can't do this difficult 24/7 job on my own.

I've seen you...

You were at the grocery store, attempting to give your screaming child a time out. You were trying to keep it together but your frizzed-out hair and creased brow gave you away. Quietly you whispered threats to your child, hoping that she would close her mouth and not wake up the sleeping baby in your cart; she just got louder. You breath, you pace, and I watch you. I don't judge you, I've been there, and I will be there again.

So why do we try so hard to be perfect? It's our imperfection that brings us to our knees; eye level with the ones that are watching us all the time. It is our imperfection that brings out beauty in our mothering. It is our imperfection that makes us realize we can't do it alone. We have a perfect God that can take our imperfection and use it to make our children something great.

As soon as you know you're imperfect, you are becoming a great mother. Our imperfection should draw our eyes to Christ's perfection and allow Him to do the work in us...daily!

Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.—Pilippians 1:6

mama loveBlessings,

Natalie Falls


A note from Ruth Schwenk: We have so enjoyed having our Better Mom Monday's Link-up every week for the past year, however we have experienced many technical difficulties along the way. We will be discontinuing the link-up for a time and will let you know of future plans when they are available. Thank you soooo much for being a part of our community here!! We love each and every one of you and pray for you often.


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