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How To Be Most Effective in Ministry

How To Be Most Effective in Ministry

As women, we often have a heart to naturally help people. Typically we want to nurture the hearts of other women or children. Sometimes we minister to our own hearts' as we help others. But we need to ask ourselves, "What is my ultimate goal? Is it to be used by God?"

There is ministry outside our doors just as there is inside. Sometimes it's in the church, sometimes it's in the neighborhood or surrounding community, and sometimes it's overseas. There is no shortage of need and we were never meant to hide our lights remaining cooped up in our homes. However, there are still a few basic factors we need to remember in order to do ministry that's effective.

What are the elements for doing effective ministry while in the thick of motherhood?


There are wrong motives for getting or staying in ministry. It could be guilt or pressure, it could be pride, or it could be sheer tenure. It's important we evaluate our motives for why we are in a particular ministry. If our motives are wrong, we won't be very efficient for anyone and will only be wasting our time.

Ask yourself if you truly desire to see people changed or is someone pressuring you to remain in ministry with a guilt trip? This is not a good reason to remain in ministry for anyone.

Also, is there a way to get your children involved in the ministry you're lead to?


Are we attempting to reach the hearts of other people through teachings and knowledge alone? Are we allowing God to work in our hearts before we attempt to help another?

We cannot fully be used by God if we haven't fully given ourselves over to Him to shape. We may lead others through mere knowledge, but it will not be as powerful. Our real experiences show God's glory. Knowledge can only have power when it's put to use. If we're not first allowing God to mold us and shape us, if that is not our ultimate goal, what we teach merely informs and will lack the power that transforms.

There is nothing like experiencing a changed heart and then sharing it with others. Anyone can talk about "wanting" God to do this or do that. We can share the "8 Steps to a Changed Heart". But when you've experienced how God has done it, you can share what He spoke to you. You can share how you were broken or how you had a "revelation" of what God has for you. You can share your thoughts and feelings leading up to that moment. You can share what God expected from you because maybe He expects that from someone else and they need to hear that particular bit of your story.

See, it's no longer just information. It's now your experience, your testimony, and it's powerful.


When I say support, I don't mean just any support. I mean support from your husband. It is vital to have this otherwise there are just going to be numerous problems.

Now, I know ministry isn't supposed to be easy and isn't expected to go smoothly, but I do know that we are still called into submission to our husbands. He is our first ministry. And sometimes things don't go smoothly because we fail to follow the voice of God.

If you want to be used by God, you first have to do what He's called you to do. For many of us, that means scrubbing toilets, making meals, and doing endless amounts of laundry first. It means meeting with God everyday, many times a day, to hear Him and connect with Him; to follow His lead and become changed as you deepen your relationship with Him.

It's a great opportunity to train your children to reach people and leave their own comfort zones, if they can serve with you.

For His Glory,


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