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When Darkness Overpowers the Light

When Darkness Overpowers the Light

Join me in welcoming one of our newest contributors, Angie Nippert, to The Better Mom. If you find yourself in a season of darkness, be encouraged by Angie’s encouragement on ways to fill your soul with hope. - XO, Ruth


My best friend’s son looked into the loaded barrel of the Internet. One curious search lead to months of a slow decline in his innocence and purity. When his parents finally realized what was happening, their hearts crushed under the weight of an unfiltered world.

As my best friend shared her anguish, I could feel the weight of her worries rest on my shoulders. All her ‘what if’ fears spilled out as she talked about her new reality; a reality she was not prepared to confront ever, let alone at her son’s age of 12 years old.

For my dear friend, this one moment in time filtered in a darkness that took months to come out of. As she walked through this new journey with her son, the darkness felt more like a prison wall than a gift from God.

Is your family facing a season of darkness? Do you have a child who is struggling with circumstances or sin that feel beyond your imagination? God is with you, sweet mama. Here are a few ways to tuck your heart into his when you are hurting.

Can you relate?

I’m guessing you can as this side of eternity is filled with trials, sadness, and hurting.

Like us, our children are born into a sinful world and will do and say things that go completely against how you raised them. And they are going to walk through trials that you only pray would fall on you.

It is during these times that you might feel that all hope is lost. The darkness is simply too great for the light to shine through.

When these seasons come, it can be easy to turn inward, focusing more on your own worries and fears, and less on seeing God’s provision.

But, it is in searching for God’s provision that you will be able to endure this season of life.

You see, when you notice God working in your children’s hearts, your hope and strength are renewed. You can face another day in the journey God has placed you on.

Rarely, however, is God’s work illuminated by a spotlight. Rather, it glows so subtly that only those who seek Him will see it.

Friends, during my own seasons of darkness, I have found that seeking God is the only way to find hope. As I share what fills my soul with hope during these trying days, I pray you too seek Him to fill your own hurting soul.

Pray - Ask God to show signs that He is working.

Seek - Intentionally look for ways that God’s light is overcoming the darkness. Spending just a few minutes writing down these light-moments can turn unbearable days into hope-filled days.

Sit - Sit in the truth of God’s Word. When darkness and doubt reign, take control and meditate on biblical truth to fix your eyes on Jesus.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29: 11)

If there is one guarantee in this world, it is that darkness will happen. When you find yourself walking through one of these seasons, I pray you search for God’s light and hold on to the truth that His light will always overcome the darkness.

Praying you through,


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