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How NOT to Get Organized This Year

How NOT to Get Organized This Year

It's January! That means we're all feeling the pull for a fresh start.

The only problem is, I feel the pull for a fresh start in ALL things. 

My house needs a good clean and organization plan from top to bottom. My fitness needs a reboot. My diet needs an update. My quiet times need a do-over. My marriage needs fresh zing. My kids need a better, happier mom.

And as the calendar rolls over to a new year, I feel naive optimism that I can refresh all the things! However, I know myself. I'm not a naturally tidy, organized person. Personal discipline is not my forte. Balance? Let's try all or nothing instead.

So, rather than give you a post with great, practical tips to get you organized this year, I thought I'd write myself a little reminder of what not to do---and I imagine it might be a good reminder for you, too.

Only two weeks into the new year and already feeling behind in your goals? We have some ideas about how NOT to have it all together. Its not about our imperfection, its about the heart. Here are our ideas for small steps toward lasting change.

1. Don't try to re-do everything at once. Trying to overhaul our family's entire dietary habits, my exercise, my quiet time, my cleaning schedules, date nights, and time with friends is a recipe for disaster and burn out before the first week is even over. I've learned things go much better for me if I take changes in small chunks, only adding in something new when the current "new" is more engrained. Instead of changing it all now, pick the most pressing thing and change one aspect of that thing. When that's more comfortable, add a new step, and so on. It's counter-intuitive to my I-Want-It-Now personality, but the changes are more lasting.

2. Don't expect everyone in your family to have the same priorities for change as you do. Yes, families need to be united, and spouses in agreement. However, if you are feeling the Spirit nudge you to focus on your quiet times, don't put that same expectation on your husband and kids. Chances are, God is nudging them in a different way. Communicate what God is leading you to do. Work to make the changes fit well within your family dynamic in this season, but give your family grace and space to make their own changes at their own pace.

3. Don't expect perfection. Whenever I start a new diet or workout program, I tend to wake up on the third or fourth day absolutely gutted that I...well, that I still have a gut. I expect the desired results to come quickly, and I expect myself to follow whatever plan without fail. Well, friends, I don't know about you, but I fail. A lot. Go into whatever changes you're making knowing full well at some point you'll slip up---and decide now that you won't let that get you off track.

How about you, friends? Do you tend to go New Year Overboard on all the fresh starts? What helps you avoid burnout and make lasting changes that will benefit you, your family, and God's Kingdom?


Jen, This Gal's Journey

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