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From Grouchy to Great {a challenge}

A little over a month ago, I shared a post called, "Mom is crabby...again?" where I shared a personal story and then asked the following questions: What is making us so downcast? Why are we so angry? Why do we unleash our attitudes on our children? And - most importantly - how can we change?

The reason I asked the questions above is because every time we talk about anger or grouchiness here at The Better Mom, you respond. Many times you are asking for prayer and help to overcome the anger that so easily wells up and spills out in your home. Again, you responded. The comments flooded in with all of the reasons you feel grouchy, discouraged, and angry.


Here are just a few of your responses:

~":'( I feel like this every morning. I find myself screaming at my boys, I hardly ever get to say goodbye to my husband properly and then when I get 5 minutes to myself I can't understand why or what makes me get to that point. I feel like the only way they listen to me is when I shout but it makes me so sad to see their faces when I shout."

~"I so struggle with the crabbiness, exhaustion, etc. I know that I struggle to find time (more than a few minutes here or there) to breathe - relax - do something fun. Everything feels like work. I love my kids - but I hate feeling crabby, angry - having the little things make me crazy. I spend time in God's word daily - but it's not enough. I don't know what the answer is....but wish I knew how to rid this crabby, poor attitude."

~"I definitely struggle with this. I have a 3 year old and a baby, which is challenging enough some days, but I have also had marriage problems for the entirety of our nearly 4 years of marriage. I think feeling alone because of that makes everything that much harder. It's difficult to not have a partner I can trust, so I feel like I'm responsible for everything in our house, and that is so tiring. Throw in a cranky 3 year old and a baby that's up all night, and it's a recipe for disaster. I'm honestly not sure how to fix it."

~"Oh boy! This one hit home. I can be guilty of this so many times, especially as you shared – when in a hurry. For me personally, it really comes down to my expectations not being met."

~"For me, it is being overwhelmed and feeling burnt out. I am a homeschooling stay at home Mom. So there are days I literally do not get a break."

~"I know it is ME and not them! God has blessed me with awesome little boys that I fail daily. It is my poor attitude that no matter the reading and prayer I cant seem to shake and get past. I feel that I have no life, no place, no purpose and the day in day out same old same old has really taken its toll. I feel stuck and it is reflected in my behavior towards my family, friends, and now complete strangers."

Friends, I want to help. WE want to help.

That's why we've created From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood.

It's a daily devotional with discussion questions to encourage you as a mom. Grab a journal and study through it by yourself, or gather some girlfriends and study together!

All of us as moms struggle to keep it all together sometimes. The battle for Jesus to reign in our hearts and through our emotions is a fight we all face every day. The good news is that we don’t have to battle alone. From Grouchy to Great is a resource filled with real life stories to strengthen and encourage you that the battle can be won by God’s grace and wisdom. We trust it will be a blessing to you as you seek to walk in greater joy and peace.



Ruth Schwenk

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