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For Every Desperate Mom

God has given us moms the greatest privilege to raise children and impact generations to come. My mentor and sweet sweet friend Sally Clarkson has been an incredible example to me of living a life of faithfulness even when no one is looking. I have had the privilege of spending time with her at her home and observing the message she shares lived out. This past summer I spent time with her and 20 other women in Colorado at a MomHeart Leadership Intensive, learning and growing as a mom and follower of Christ.  In November my husband and I spent a weekend with Sally and Clay Clarkson at their home sharing life and dreams together.  We have dreams of inspiring a generation of moms and dads across the world to rise up and point their families back to Christ.

Friends, Sally and Sarah Mae have written a book that is certain to teach, encourage, and strengthen you in your calling as a mom.

Please watch this video as Sally shares her wisdom and heart for moms to see the significance of what God has called them for and to.  Let her encourage your heart today and give you a glimpse into what "Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe" is about.

In her new book Desperate, Sally shares so much wisdom. Her words are designed to minister to you and mentor you in your walk as a mom. I encourage you to visit the Desperate website and buy the book. 


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