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Dancing with Joy in the Midst of Pain {Book Club: Chapter 8}

Sometimes life doesn't make sense. As we grapple with heartache our focus must be turned to God. Through 5 miscarriages, the sudden and tragic loss of my father-in-law to a car accident 2 years ago, and the death of my mother-in-law just days ago this is something I have had to remember over and over again.

To dance in the midst of terrible suffering is to resolve, "I will not be a victim. I will not allow this situation to determine the response of my heart, because I have this life, this chance to trust God, to show his reality through my circumstances. I resolve to remain strong and faithful because of the loving God who holds my hand." ~Sally Clarkson, Dancing With my Father

This doesn't mean that we won't feel sadness when loss and heartache comes.

When I experience pain or sadness or anger at the cruelty of life, I am relating to the feelings of Jesus. He despised the pain; he felt it, bore it, struggled through it. In his humanity Jesus felt the anguish poignantly. This tells me that just because we feel sadness or disappointment or great sorrow doesn't mean we are not trusting God. If Jesus felt fully the ramifications of his horrible death, then it is normal for us to resist the pain, to dislike the suffering. But it is our ultimate focus on the hope that is beyond that will pull us out of the cloud of our dark emotions into the light of his promises of future joy. That even in the midst of our suffering he sees some of the greatest works of our lives. ~Sally Clarkson, Dancing With my Father

Will you join me today in trusting that God can work through every circumstance you face? He is doing a mighty work in you as you trust in Him.

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